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An annual eye exam can save a life
Surgeon Dr. Hakan Sivrikaya stated the importance of early diagnosis and regular examination: “It takes at least 30 minutes to get accurate results of an eye examination. During the examination, it is also necessary to check the fundus with eye drops. If examinations carried out in this way are carried out regularly, early diagnosis and treatment of many diseases that can occur in the eyes or that can be diagnosed by the eyes will be ensured”.
Don't let myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism increase!
Are you tired of wearing glasses too? Watching movies in 3D is torture for you? Or do you hate it when your glasses get wet in the rain? Surgeon Dr. Haluk Talu from Dünyagöz Ataköy Hospital states that the laser treatment, which since 1990 has relieved millions of people of myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism and restored their eye health, is planned individually with the help of developing technologies: “Thanks to the lasers with different characteristics used today, we can plan treatment according to patient needs and eye parameters. In this way, we can achieve successful results at the end of the treatment”.
Excessive Use of Digital Devices Poses a Danger to Children's Eyes
Digital technologies have become an integral part of children's lives due to their use at school and home. Evolving technologies indicate that the use of such devices will become even more common in the coming years. These devices, which make a great contribution to the development of children when used correctly, can cause serious vision problems if used excessively. In addition to advice on using digital devices, surgeon Dr. Elvan Yalçın from Dünyagöz Etiler Hospital shared important information about the problems that can arise from excessive use of digital devices and the benefits of being outdoors for children, especially in summer.
Signs indicating cancer in the eyes. Symptoms of various types of cancer can be diagnosed early with a fundus examination.
Routine Eye and Fundus Examination for Early Diagnosis

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