Signs indicating cancer in the eyes. Symptoms of various types of cancer can be diagnosed early with a fundus examination.

Routine eye and fundus examination for early diagnosis

Our eyes contain important clues about cancer. Prof. Dr. Samuray Tuncer emphasizes that many lesions can be seen in the fundus and that these lesions may be part of systemic cancer or a separate malignant tumor related to the eyes. Dr. Samuray Tuncer stated that through these examinations, important types of cancer can be detected, such as melanoma of the eye, and sometimes lung, prostate, lymph, breast, and skin cancers, as well as simple diseases such as myopia, farsightedness, and strabismus, and encourages everyone to have regular eye exams.

Pay attention to the glare in the eyes!

Because young children and infants do not report their vision problems until age 7 or 8, they must have eye exams before this age. In particular, the white glare seen in the pupils of infants may be a precursor to intraocular cancer called retinoblastoma. While 95% of this ailment is detected when examining children under the age of 5 years, the main symptoms are white glare in the pupils and strabismus.

The most common intraocular cancer in adults is choroidal melanoma

The most common intraocular cancer in adults is choroidal melanoma

Although choroidal melanoma, which is the most common tumor in adults, presents with symptoms such as poor vision, glare in the eyes, black shadows, and visual distortion, one-third of patients with this disease have no symptoms. Prof. Dr. Samuray Tuncer warns that the absence of any complaints from a patient makes it impossible for a person to realize the disease without regular eye examinations.

Radioactive plate treatment yields results

Radioactive plate treatment is used in the treatment of intraocular tumors, in particular in the treatment of choroidal melanoma, which is common in adults. The effectiveness of plates sutured into the sclera, the hard white layer on the outermost part of the eye, is directly proportional to the experience of the doctor operating. While the radioactive plate is prepared according to the needs of the patient, special computer programs are used for its application.

A third of cancers, which today have become one of the biggest problems of mankind, regardless of borders, language, religion, and race, can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and regular health checks.

Prof. Dr. Samurai Tuncer states that the examination of the fundus by dilating the pupil makes it possible to diagnose many benign or malignant tumors at an early stage. The regular conduct of these examinations, which can sometimes save a life, indicates an even greater seriousness of the situation. Established under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Samuray Tuncer at the Etiler branch of the Dünyagöz Hospital Group in 2015, “Ocular Oncology Clinic” continues to serve patients as the first center in our country to use the most advanced technology among private institutions.

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