Patient Companion Protocol

To the Attention of Patient Companions!

  • Only one companion is allowed. One companion per patient is considered to be sufficient since more than one companion would create an unnecessary crowd and may distract the hospital's normal functioning.

  • Companions must follow the hospital rules. If they violate such rules, the relevant person will not be accepted as a companion.

  • Companions can use the companion armchairs in the patient rooms for resting.

  • Companions are not allowed to administer anything to the patient (except for physician and nurse instructions).

  • Companions should keep the goods and materials belonging to the hospital tidy and clean. Companions who damage hospital property will be obliged to compensate for such damage.

  • Companions cannot take patients outside of the hospital or change their beds except when requested by the relevant physician or nurse.

  • Companions are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol inside the hospital.

  • Companions should not bring food or drink from outside or give any food or drink to the patient without first consulting the physician or nurse.

  • Companions should not talk loudly in patient rooms and corridors and should avoid disturbing the staff and other patients.

  • Companions should report to the nurse when the patient has any problem.

  • Companions should not change frequently, if such change must be done the companions should report the situation to the nurses.

Visitor Protocol

To the Attention of Visitors!

  • To maintain the order of the hospital, visitors are not allowed outside specified hours. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

  • Gifts such as magazines or books can be brought in for patients by visitors.

  • Fresh flowers are not allowed.

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden.

  • Visitors should not sit on the beds.

  • Please keep your visit short.

  • Please do not throw trash on the floor.

  • Instructions of the personnel should be followed.

  • Positive and negative comments about the hospital should be shared using the available suggestion boxes.


Child Patient Visitor Arrangement 


  • Pediatric patients are planned by siblings and friends with the decision of our physician according to the health status of our patient.

  • Children with a history of illness/contact (fever, rash, runny nose, cough, etc.) are not allowed as visitors in the hospital.

  • There is no harm in visiting children with no history of contact or evidence of active infection.

  • Accompanied by an adult, they can visit the clinics designated by the hospital management at a designated time not exceeding 15 minutes.

  • Visiting children (1st degree relatives) are allowed to enter the clinic after hand hygiene at the entrance.

  • In case of an outbreak (community/hospital based), visits may be banned or visiting hours may be changed by the Infection Control Committee and/or the unit supervisor.


Thank you for following the hospital rules.

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