Don't let myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism increase!

Don't let myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism increase!

Are you tired of wearing glasses too? Watching movies in 3D is torture for you? Or do you hate it when your glasses get wet in the rain? Surgeon Dr. Haluk Talu from Dünyagöz Ataköy Hospital states that the laser treatment, which since 1990 has relieved millions of people of myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism and restored their eye health, is planned individually with the help of developing technologies: “Thanks to the lasers with different characteristics used today, we can plan treatment according to patient needs and eye parameters. In this way, we can achieve successful results at the end of the treatment”.

Laser treatment does not lead to blindness!

Surgeon Dr. Haluk Talu from Dünyagöz Ataköy Hospital says that one of the biggest fears of patients is the possibility of blindness that can occur after surgery: “With laser treatment, the laser beam only affects the cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, and does not penetrate the inner layers of the eye. Thus, there is no risk of blindness with laser treatment”. Recalling that there is information pollution about laser treatment and that it raises many questions in the minds of patients, surgeon Dr. Talu says: “For example, there is an opinion that laser treatment is a painful operation, but laser surgery is a painless procedure performed on an avascular corneal layer of the eye under drip anesthesia. Other fears are that after laser treatment, patients will not be able to have another eye surgery such as cataract surgery in the future, which is completely untrue. After laser treatment, patients can safely do all kinds of eye surgeries in the future”.

The secret of success in personalized laser treatment

Surgeon Dr. Talu states that there are many laser treatments along with evolving technologies to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, hypermetropia, and astigmatism: “There are types of laser treatments suitable for every individual, such as PRK, INTRALASIK, ILASIK, LASEK, and SMILE. These procedures also differ depending on the structure of the eye. Various laser technologies provide higher treatment success in certain eye structures and even in patients from different occupational groups. The needs and vision conditions of a driver who drives at night are not the same as those of a person with the same diopter who is actively involved in sports, such as boxing and football, with a high risk of blows to the eyes and head. Like fingerprints, the structure of the eye and the level of vision in people differ. Many variables, from the thickness of a patient's cornea to the degree of refractive error and even the patient's occupational risks, are important in the choice of laser technique to be applied after a laser suitability test”.

For a successful operation, everything must be correct

Arguing that to achieve a successful result of laser treatment, it is necessary to choose the right doctor, provide advanced technologies and operating room conditions, and choose individual treatment, surgeon Dr. Haluk Talu from Dünyagöz Ataköy Hospital said: “The ideal treatment environment is created when the technological and hygienic infrastructure of the hospital is provided, surgical materials are personalized and disposable, the entire technological infrastructure for laser treatment and examinations has been created, and the patient finds a doctor who has experience and specializes in laser treatment”. Surgeon Dr. Haluk Talu states that the short duration of laser surgery misleads patients that the operation is easy: “Short duration of laser surgery does not mean that the operation is easy. The advances in technology are being taken advantage of, and many human steps are performed by devices. After a detailed examination of the eyes and providing all the elements for the operation, the patient is treated. Most patients can go on with their daily lives the day after surgery”.


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