Dünyagöz Hospitals Group is one of Turkey's most respected eye hospitals with 28 years of experience and expert medical staff. Every year, thousands of international patients from all over the world prefer Dünyagöz Hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Using the latest technologies, we provide our patients with safe, effective, and comfortable services.


     Easy Accessibility and Transfer Service:

We offer free transfer services for patients coming from abroad. You can easily reach the hospital from the airport or hotel. 
With our branches located in many parts of Turkey, we provide you with service in the nearest branch. 


     Comfortable Accommodation:

Your comfort is our priority throughout the treatment process!
For long-term treatments, accommodation facilities are available at our hospital. Hospital rooms are decorated in a comfortable and modern manner. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, toilet, television, and Wi-Fi.


    Expert Doctor Team:                  

At Dünyagöz Hospital, there are expert doctors experienced in their fields.
Our doctors create the most accurate treatment plan for each patient with special attention and care.
They keep their knowledge up-to-date with regular training sessions and participation in international conferences.


    Personalized Services:

  Personalized treatment plans for each patient help in the faster and more effective treatment of eye diseases.

        International Quality Standards:

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group provides services in line with international standards. The hospitals are accredited by the Ministry of Health and JCI (Joint Commission International).
All our equipment and operating rooms are equipped with the latest technology. Patient comfort is always our priority.


       Fast Appointment and Service Process:

We promptly respond to the requests of international patients and facilitate appointment processes. Providing 24/7 service for emergencies ensures the safety and satisfaction of patients.



Dünyagöz Hospitals Group provides services in all branches of ophthalmology. Expert doctors work in many areas such as cataracts treatment, refractive surgery, glaucoma and retina diseases treatment, pediatric ophthalmology, and plastic surgery of eyes.

   Quality Guarantee:

Dünyagöz Quality and State-of-the-Art Technology Infrastructure

  No risk:

Expenses arise only in the case of actual treatment.



During the 2 examinations, we will ensure that treatment suits you.


Achieve 20/20 vision in 4 steps: initial examination, tests, treatment, and follow-up.

  Only the Latest Technology:

We use only the best laser technologies from market leaders to correct your vision with laser eye treatment.

  Fixed Price:

No hidden costs. Everything is included at Dünyagöz.


  We're Always Here for You:

Our highly qualified laser eye treatment experts are always ready to answer your questions via phone, chat, webinar, or email.


Don't neglect your eye health! Consult Dünyagöz's expert team to learn about eye treatments and enjoy the best vision possible.

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