Excessive Use of Digital Devices Poses a Danger to Children's Eyes

Digital technologies have become an integral part of children's lives due to their use at school and home. Evolving technologies indicate that the use of such devices will become even more common in the coming years. These devices, which make a great contribution to the development of children when used correctly, can cause serious vision problems if used excessively. In addition to advice on using digital devices, surgeon Dr. Elvan Yalçın from Dünyagöz Etiler Hospital shared important information about the problems that can arise from excessive use of digital devices and the benefits of being outdoors for children, especially in summer.

Overuse causes problems

Surgeon Dr. Elvan Yalçın claims that the new generation, unlike their parents, has been associated with technology all their lives since birth: “In particular, the generation born in 2000 and later grew up with technology and digital screens throughout their lives. With technology set to enter our lives even more in the coming years, we need to consider the impact of digital overuse on the eyes. At this stage, it is very important to educate families and children about the problems that can arise from excessive screen watching and to encourage their children to spend time outdoors in the summer. Children who spend too much time in front of digital screens have a much higher risk of developing conditions such as myopia, astigmatism, allergies, inflammation of the roots of the eyelashes, and dry eyes”.

Families should pay attention to the symptoms

Surgeon Dr. Elvan Yalçın emphasized that parents should pay attention to the symptoms of discomfort that may arise due to excessive screen viewing: “It is very important for parents to pay attention to problems and changes in the eyes of their children and send them for examination in time so that their vision does not deteriorate. Eye burning, itching, fatigue, blurred or double vision, and headaches are important symptoms for diagnosing problems that can result from looking at digital screens for too long. In addition to physical symptoms, behavioral problems such as a sudden drop in school performance, hyperactivity, and decreased motivation can also indicate vision problems. We can better understand how important it is for children to have regular eye examinations, especially considering that vision helps to process more than 80% of the information received in childhood”.

Take your child outside, reduce the risks

Surgeon Dr. Elvan Yalçın said that the negative impact of digital screens on children's eyes can be prevented by taking precautions: “There are steps parents can take to help prevent common among children eye problems associated with digital technology. Encouraging children to go outside and exercise will greatly benefit them by reducing both digital addiction and time spent in front of digital screens. The sun's rays are of great benefit to the eyes, eliminating vitamin D deficiency in the body. They also prevent the formation of visual impairments by providing the secretion of dopamine in the eye, helping the eye to maintain its shape. In addition, every child must undergo a detailed eye examination before entering school. It is also important to control the time children spend in front of digital screens. Children should be encouraged to rest their eyes by taking 20-second breaks every 20 minutes. And ergonomic factors such as adjusting the height of computer desks, lighting the room, and setting the distance between the eyes and the screen will also help prevent vision problems”.

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