Femtosecond Laser (Intralase)

What is a femtosecond laser?

The femtosecond laser is a laser technology used in refractive and cataract surgery. The femtosecond affects the success of computer-controlled laser surgery and plays an important role in the operation.

Blade laser surgery:

  • Unplanned surgical outcomes, flap ruptures
  • High risk in people with thin corneas
  • mpossibility of treatment for people with a high diopter numbers
  • Increased risk of dry eyes

Bladeless femtosecond laser surgery:

  • Ability to create flaps of planned thickness for patients with thin corneal structure
  • The possibility of using a laser for people with a high diopter numbers
  • Less risk of postoperative dry eye

To whom does femtosecond laser apply?

It can be used in the treatment of person’s refractive errors if the structure of the eye is suitable. The method can be determined as a result of a detailed examination of the eyes.

Is a femtosecond laser used to treat myopia?

The femtosecond laser is a technique used to treat refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.

What eye diseases are treated with a femtosecond laser?

This method is used for all refractive errors, that is, in refractive surgery, and in cataract surgery.

How is femtosecond laser surgery performed?

During laser surgery, it is necessary to cut the flap using a thin incision in the cornea. The femtosecond laser allows this process to be carried out at the desired level without the use of a knife and allows you to create it (flap) using laser beams.

How is cataract surgery performed with a femtosecond laser?

The femtosecond laser increases the success of the operation by providing the opportunity to make an individual incision. Due to the characteristics of the cornea in cataract surgery, our physicians particularly recommend the femtosecond method of creating a corneal incision.

Is femtosecond laser effective in cataract surgery?

In cataract surgery, the femtosecond laser method makes it possible to make an incision with a laser beam instead of a knife, as in laser surgery. It can be used by people whose eye structure is suitable. As a result of detailed examinations and analyzes that must be carried out before the operation, the doctor evaluates the suitability of the structure of the person’s eye for this method. Successful results are obtained in those who are deemed suitable for the operation.

Prices for femtosecond laser surgery

To learn the prices for femtosecond laser surgery, you can follow the link below and fill out the form. Our customer service representatives will contact you as soon as possible to provide detailed information.

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*Page content is for informational purposes only. Consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment

Update Date: 31.01.2023

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