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Turkey’s Flagship in Eye Health is in ITB Berlin

Serves 96.000 patients from 107 countries every year

As the leading institution of Turkey in terms of eye-health, Dünyagöz Hospitals have a daily capacity of 8000 outpatients and 1000 surgical operations. In addition to the 20 branches in 11 provinces throughout Turkey where world-class eye health services are provided, Dünyagöz Hospitals Group has extended their investments worldwide and is now operating in 5 international branches located in Germany, Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The Group is planning to expand their operations with a new centre, which is planned to open in Izmir in 2017.

Turkey’s rapid growth in Health Tourism

As its strategic position in the heart of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Russia; Turkey has started to fulfil its immense potential in terms of being one of the world-leading centres of Health Tourism. As one of the leading figures in this effort, Dünyagöz hospitals makes huge investments both within and outside Turkey.

Flagship of Turkey in Health Tourism

As one of the leading contributors to the development of health tourism in Turkey, Dünyagöz Group is committed to representing our country both at home and abroad. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, offers appealing packages that include visa, air travel, accommodation and health services with the help of its professional health tourism plan. By providing the most technologically advanced eye health solutions and bringing all the newest treatment techniques concurrently with the rest of the world, Dünyagöz contributes immensely to the development of health tourism in Turkey.

The newest centres for advanced eye-health solutions: Baku and Amsterdam

Having already established itself in Europe and Caucasus regions with its hospitals in Köln & Frankfurt in Germany and Tbilisi in Georgia, our group is always looking to expand its horizon worldwide. In line with its strategy to grow rapidly outside of Turkey, Dünyagöz Group has brought its unrivalled diagnostics and treatment services in eye care to Azerbaijan in Baku and the heart of Europe with their newest hospital in Amsterdam. Baku hospital is located in Sabail Raion, in the hearth of the Azerbaijani capital, whereas Dünyagöz Amsterdam is located in one of the most central areas of the city De Boelelaan with its approximately one thousand square meters of indoor space and expansive technology part in collaboration with Amsterdam University.

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