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The Wrong Choice of Sunglasses Can Cause Cataracts!

With the summer months approaching and the sun warming most of the day, those who spend time outdoors face the dangers that can be caused by the sun's rays. Surgeon Dr. İrfan Kayurtar from Dünyagöz Etiler Hospital stated that ultraviolet rays are very dangerous for eye health and added: “Sunglasses that do not protect against harmful sun rays do not protect the eyes, as is mistakenly believed. To get more light in dark environments, the pupils of the eyes dilate reflexively, and the darkness is created by sunglasses. Thus, dilated pupils let in more light. When we use sunglasses that do not protect against ultraviolet rays, harmful rays enter the eyes more easily through dilated pupils and damage the natural lens.”

Do not use sunglasses without a UV filter!

Pointing out that cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye loses its transparency, surgeon Dr. İrfan Kayurtar said: “Using sunglasses that do not protect against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the lens of the eye and accelerate the formation of cataracts. In addition, it can cause macular degeneration, which occurs in old age and is popularly known as yellow spot degeneration.”

Don't risk your eye health for fashion!

Claiming that especially in the summer months, fashion glasses are sold on the shelves without regard to the quality of the glass, surgeon Dr. İrfan Kayurtar said: “Sunglasses are not just decoration, they are a very important accessory for eye health. It should not be forgotten that the progression of cataracts cannot be stopped and the only treatment is surgery. Therefore, we advise people to be very careful in choosing sunglasses and not to use sunglasses that pose a risk to eye health.”

Preference should be given to sunglasses with polarized filters that block UV rays!

Surgeon Dr. İrfan Kayurtar states that the use of sunglasses according to the standards is necessary for complete protection from the sun's rays, and added: "Because the sunlight reflected from white floors and shiny surfaces is greater during the summer months, sunlight damages our eyes more. The need for protection becomes even more important when the sun is perpendicular to our eyes. During these hours, you should wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays and have polarizing filters.”


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