Ocular Oncology

The sub-discipline that deals with all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of eye tumors is called “Ocular oncology”. Ocular oncology, that is, eye tumor science, is a department that requires two more years of training after ophthalmology specialization. “Ocular oncology”, which has developed as a sub-branch of ophthalmology all over the world, is a special sub-branch that requires close cooperation and multidisciplinary teamwork with various medical sciences such as radiation oncology, pathology, radiology, medical oncology, and genetics as well as all other fields of ophthalmology. Ocular oncological evaluation is therefore the area where ophthalmology is most closely intertwined with systemic medicine.

Prepared by the Dünyagöz Hospital Editorial Board.

*The content of this page is for informational purposes only. See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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