Prof. Dr. Bozkurt Şener
Prof. Dr.

Bozkurt Şener

Eye Diseases Specialist


Place and Date of Birth

  • Kırklareli, 1956

Language Skills

  • Turkish, English, French

Education and Experience

  • 1981 Istanbul University, Istanbul School of Medicine
  • 1984 Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine
  • 1991 Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine (Associate Professor)
  • 1999 Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Department of Ophthalmology (Academic Member)

Scientific Publications

  • More than 140 scientific publications and articles


  • TOD (Türk Oftalmoloji Derneği)
  • AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
  • ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refract Surgeons)
  • ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refract Surgery)
  • Socıete Françaıse d’Ophtalmologıe

Surgical Expertise

  • More than 19 years of experience and over 60,000 laser eye surgeries

Professional Qualifications

  • Nationalities Treated American, British, European, Middle Eastern and Asian

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