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Worldeye opened in Netherlands!

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group opened its new clinic in Amsterdam, Zuidas.

In our 23. branch opened in Amsterdam, both insured and non-insured patients will have the chance to receive eye care services by our Ophtalmologists in many fields of eye care including cataract surgeries, laser treatments, lens implantations, eyelid corrections and anti-aging treatments. Our Clinical Director Dr. Jacco Vreogop says “While it is considered natural to visit a Dentist twice a year, unfortunately we neglect our eye health and visit an eye clinic only when we have a problem in our eyes. Besides that our eyes are the windows of our bodies opens to the World, eyes are one of our most important organs that allows us to see all things we value and make us happy. For this reason, we should not neglect our eye health and have an eye examination once a year.”

Worldeye Amsterdam’s Services;

  • International network of Ophtalmologists
  • Detailed examination and treatment options in numerous fields of eye care
  • Consulting hours including evening hours and Saturdays
  • Latest Technologies in eye care including ReLEx SMILE eye laser treatment and iTrace examination
  • Easily reachable by public transportation, next to tram and metro stops (Tram no: 5, Metro no: 51 and walking distance from station Zuid)


Our address and contact information:

Worldeye, De Boelelaan 1065, 1082 SB Amsterdam

+31 85 029 00 11,,

Worldeye Amsterdam 


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