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Why Do We Feel Cick While Reading on Transport?

Motion sickness is also a symptom of vision problems

Reading in a vehicle, watching an active sporting event, or watching a movie with 3D glasses can cause nausea, which is popularly known as motion sickness. Surgeon Dr. Levent Akçay explained that the incompatibility of the sense organs that perceive movement plays a major role in the formation of the disease and added: “This discomfort, which has symptoms such as headache and nausea, can indicate serious eye disease. Playing video games and spending a long time in front of smartphone screens also contribute to the formation of this disease, which has recently reached different proportions with the spread of digital devices. Visual, sensory, and balance senses must work in harmony. Only in this way can they know their exact place in the environment and ensure their coordination. Vision is the number one source of information. A person with visual problems can be motion sick.”

It can appear while working at a computer

Claiming that motion sickness can manifest itself at the computer, surgeon Dr. Levent Akçay said: “Functional vision provides a perception of space using signals sent from both eyes to the brain. Particularly in cases of lazy eye syndrome or strabismus, since the signals sent to the brain are incorrect due to vision problems, effective harmony cannot be achieved. To prevent these situations, which can cause headaches, fatigue, and motion sickness, you need to reduce your time spent at the computer. At the same time, it is very important for patients with such symptoms to undergo an ophthalmological examination as soon as possible, as well as to diagnose and treat the disorders that cause these problems in their eyes. If the disease is caused by vision problems, it can be quickly cured and prevented from recurring in the future.”


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