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Dünyagöz Meets The Visually-Impaired On World Disability Day

Being one of Turkey’s leading healthcare groups, Dünyagöz didn’t forget about people with disabilities on December 3, World Disability Day. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dünyagöz Demet Kapıcıoğlu and Board Member Gülferi Yıldırım visited Türkan Sabancı Primary School for the Visually Impaired on this special occasion.

Dünyagöz Board Member Gülferi Yıldırım commented that the mission of Dünyagöz Hospitals Group is to “be the light for those who can see and touch the hearts of those who cannot.” Yıldırım said, “The last issue of Dünyagöz Hospitals Group’s journal ’Vision’ was printed in Braille, the tactile writing system for the visually-impaired, on the occasion of December 3, World Disability Day. We met with visually impaired students and gave them our journal. We talked with the school managers about what we could do for students with reduced or total loss of vision.”

Adding that they wanted to support citizens with disabilities through projects which would make life easier for them, Yıldırım made this promise: “Dünyagöz Hospitals Group will always stand by you to overcome disabilities together, not just on December 3, World Disability Day.”

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