Childhood Cancer Can be Detected Through an Eye Exam

On February 15, World Childhood Cancer Day, experts draw attention to the early detection of cancers that can be encountered in childhood. Surgeon Dr. Feride Pınar Doğru emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis: “The most important feature of childhood diseases is that they are a type of cancer that grows rapidly. A few weeks after their formation, they begin to appear, be felt, and become apparent. Most of these fast-growing cancers can be detected with a comprehensive eye exam”.

Early diagnosis through eye examination is essential

Surgeon Dr. Feride Pınar Doğru states that in particular environmental factors play a big role and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and regular eye examinations: “Early diagnosis is of great importance for children, as well as for cancers in adults. Families need to look out for glands, anemia, bloating, or tissue growth. The main symptoms that appear in the eyes are blurred vision, sudden loss of vision, flashes of light, loss of vision in certain areas, change in the shape or size of the pupil, redness or swelling of the eyes, and sensitivity to light. In particular, eye examinations, which should be carried out regularly every year from childhood, in addition to maintaining eye health, detect diseases such as cancer, which can affect the lives of our children, at an early stage and this ensures a quick transition to the right methods of treatment”.


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