Visual Acuity Test

If you believe you have visual impairment, this graph may give you an idea. Find out the ideal distance between you and your monitor based on your monitor's size and resolution. Then, cover one eye and try to read the numbers from top to bottom and left to right. If you experience any difficulty reading the numbers, see an eye doctor immediately. 

Distance from the monitor based on resolution

Monitor size / resolution: 640x480 / 800x600
14 inches 5.5 m 4.0 m
15 inches 6.0 m 4.5 m
17 inches 7.0 m 5.5 m

  This measurement is not a replacement for a real test done by a doctor.

Color Blindness Test

If you cannot read the numbers inside the following shapes, you might have color blindness.
The human eye perceives and distinguishes colors with the iris layer. It is possible to perceive some or all colors in grayscale due to a problem in the perception of color by the iris layer. If you cannot distinguish the colors that form the numbers from the surrounding colors in the tests above, you might have color blindness.


Amsler Grid Test

The Amsler Grid Test, while not a replacement for a routine eye exam, is a graph that you can self-administer at home to identify the early symptoms of age-related macular degeneration (yellow spot disease). We recommend that everyone older than 40 years of age take this test. 

How to Apply the Test

  • Hang the following graph on a wall in a well-lit room at an appropriate reading distance, making sure that the dot in the middle is exactly at eye level.
  • Wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses if you use a pair.
  • Cover one eye with your hand and focus on the dot in the middle. You should be able to see all 4 corners of the large square in the graph. Repeat the procedure for the other eye.
  • If you cannot see all 4 corners or if the lines appear wavy, broken or blurry, you might have symptoms of age-related macular degeneration. You should see an eye doctor specialized in retinal diseases as soon as possible.



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